Lefkada Island constitutes the ideal place for people who adore Kite surfing. This extreme sport is very popular in Lefkada, since the strong thermal winds form the perfect weather conditions for Kite Surfing.

There are two main spots where people can practice this sport: Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki. Agios Ioannis – the main kite surfing spot – is located in the north side of Lefkada, while Vassiliki in the south side of it.

In both areas special kite surfing courses are available for either beginners or experienced fans of the sport. These courses are provided by water sport clubs, whose instructors assist the kite surf practitioners and offer all suitable equipment.

Generally, in the morning people can take advantage of the calm sea (4-5 knots), whereas in the afternoon, the advanced kite surfing fans can enjoy the adventurous waves (14-18 knots).

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